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 ------ 2-Story Additions ------

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Campbell Residence-2-story addition included new family room and kitchen on first floor and master bedroom suite on 2nd floor. Wrap-around porch with columns added to front. 

campbell-b1a.jpg (70880 bytes)campbell-b2a.jpg (64625 bytes)campbell-b3a.jpg (62999 bytes)Before

xcampbell1.jpg (87426 bytes)xcampbell2.jpg (88818 bytes)xcampbell3.jpg (85997 bytes)campbell7a.jpg (107521 bytes)

Grubb Residence-2-story addition first floor new family room and kitchen remodel and expansion, and 2nd floor new master bedroom suite. New front porch. Grubb-b1.jpg (57572 bytes)Grubb-b2.jpg (59338 bytes)Grubb-b3.jpg (64545 bytes)Before        Grubb-f1.jpg (53629 bytes)

Grubb-f2.jpg (59366 bytes)Grubb-f3.jpg (55552 bytes)Grubb-f4.jpg (58460 bytes)Grubb-f5.jpg (62246 bytes)Grubb-f6.jpg (50733 bytes)Grubb-f7.jpg (41122 bytes)

Dupuie Residence-2-story addition witn new first floor new family room, kitchen, and garage addition, and 2nd floor bedroom and bath areas.

dupuie-b1.jpg (83747 bytes)Before  dupuie-c1.jpg (96847 bytes)dupuie-c2.jpg (100144 bytes)dupuie-f1.jpg (94775 bytes)dupuie-f2.jpg (111185 bytes)

Huchthausen Residence-2-story addition with new first floor kitchen and family room, new garage, new screened porch. New master suite and fourth bedroom on 2nd floor.  huchthausen-1.jpg (65988 bytes)Before  

huchthausen-3.jpg (78484 bytes)huchthausen-4.jpg (61871 bytes)huchthausen-5.jpg (94060 bytes)huchthausen-9.jpg (57498 bytes)huchthausen-10.jpg (76638 bytes)

Kluckman Residence-2-story addition. First floor new family room, kitchen, and  mudroom, and 2nd floor new master bedroom, master bath and laundry room. New garage, and new front porch. Kluckman-b1.jpg (89626 bytes)Kluckman-b2.jpg (94969 bytes)Before     Kluckman-f1.jpg (93685 bytes)Kluckman-f2.jpg (65167 bytes)Kluckman-f3.jpg (95824 bytes)Kluckman-f4.jpg (78307 bytes)Kluckman-f5.jpg (98088 bytes)Kluckman-f6.jpg (95948 bytes)Kluckman-f7.jpg (87223 bytes)Kluckman-f8.jpg (90390 bytes)
Maxwell Residence-2-story addition with first floor family room, bedroom and bath. New master suite on 2nd floor. Maxwell-b1.jpg (63668 bytes)Maxwell-b2.jpg (62477 bytes)Before

Maxwell-f1.jpg (91874 bytes)Maxwell-f2.jpg (91691 bytes)Maxwell-f3.jpg (90374 bytes)Maxwell-f4.jpg (64777 bytes)

Possley Residence-2-story addition with new family room, new kitchen, and new 2nd floor bedroom areas.  Possley-b1.jpg (108745 bytes)Possley-b2.jpg (103766 bytes)Possley-b3.jpg (107469 bytes) Before

Possley-f1.jpg (82737 bytes)Possley-f2.jpg (81976 bytes)Possley-f3.jpg (114831 bytes)Possley-f4.jpg (117672 bytes)

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